Arsenal transfer news today.

The latest news about the Arsenal transfer campaign is available on the sports statistics website.
It is important to note that the Gunners are not in the best shape in the current season. The team has lost its leading positions, and the situation is getting worse by the day.
In the summer, Arsenal tried to strengthen the position of the team, but failed. The main problem is the lack of a good goalkeeper. The club has several options, but the most popular one is the acquisition of a new goalkeeper.
Of course, it is possible to buy a new player, but it is better to get a good specialist. The number of players who can play in the position is limited, so it is necessary to make a good choice.

The most popular goalkeeper is Lukas Fabianski. He has already managed to become a leader of the club, and he will definitely help the team to achieve the desired result.
You can always follow the latest news on the website of sports statistics. Here, the information is updated in real time, which allows you to keep abreast of the events in the world of your favorite sports.
Football scores of the most important matches
The season of the English Premier League is in full swing. The fight for the title is very tense, and there is a real chance that the main favorites of the fight for gold medals will be the Gunlets.
This time, the team is in a very bad shape, and it is not surprising that it has lost a lot of points. The most obvious reason for this is the fact that the club has lost the leading position.
However, the main contenders for the victory are the teams that are in the middle of the standings. Among the favorites of this season, there is no doubt about the main favorite of the championship, which is Manchester City.
At the moment, the Citizens have the best lineup of the season. This is why they can count on a lot. However, the Gunlet is not in such a good shape.
They are not able to compete with the main clubs, so the team will have to play with a lot and not be able to achieve its goals.
Manchester City has a good chance of winning the championship. The Citizens have a good squad, which can be strengthened by the acquisitions of players from other teams.
Among the most interesting transfers, we can highlight:
* Pablo Sarabia;
* Sergio Aguero;
* Leroy Sane.
These players will help the Citizens to fight for a place in the top 4.
City’s chances of winning
The main goal of the Citizens is to win the championship of England. The last time they managed to do this was in the season 2013-2014. However in that season, the club was not able not to finish in the first position of English Premier league.
Now, the situation in the championship is very different. The City has the best squad in the country, which means that the team can be one of the main competitors of Manchester United.
Many fans are waiting for the arrival of a number of new players, who will help to strengthen Manchester City’ squad.
How to follow the City�
You have to visit the website that provides the latest information about the City. Here you can find the information about matches, as well as the schedule of upcoming events.
There are a lot that can influence the outcome of the struggle for gold. For example, the following factors can help the club to achieve a positive result:
1. Good teamwork.
2. Good results of the leaders.
3. The performance of the reserve teams.
It should be noted that the City has several good performers on the field, which should help the squad to achieve good results.
If the team manages to win, it will be a great achievement for the club. The fans of the Premier league are waiting with great anticipation for the upcoming season.
All the latest results of Arsenal matches
Arsenal has recently become a real contender for the champion title. The Gunners have a very good lineup, which will allow them to fight against the main teams of the league. However the team has not been in the strongest shape for a long time.
Recently, the players of the Gunner have not been able to demonstrate their maximum. This fact is the main cause of the lack in the results of matches of the Arsenal.
Despite the fact, that the situation of the squad is not the best, the fans of Arsenal are very optimistic about the upcoming matches.
One of the factors that can help to achieve success in the fight is the transfer campaign. The Arsenal has a lot to offer, which the club can use to improve the current situation.
Fans can follow the results on the site of sports information. Here the information on the matches is updated live, which makes it possible to keep up with the latest events. The information is available in both English and in the other languages.
Visit the site to find out the latest Arsenal results. Here are the results from matches of both the Premier League and the Europa League.
Arsenal transfers in the summer
The summer of 2018 has come to an end. The transfer campaign of Arsenal has come at the right time, because the team needs to make some changes in the lineup.

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