Can Man Utd win the Champions League this season? Or are they not good enough?

Can Man Utd win the Champions League this season? Or are they not good enough?
The season has already started and already we can see that Manchester United have a good chance to win the coveted trophy. The team is in good shape and has a good selection of players. The main problem for the team is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of losing and they want to win gold medals.
The team has a number of players who can become leaders and who can help the team to win. The following players have a high potential to become leaders:
* Anthony Martial;
* Alexis Sanchez;
* Martial;
* Rashford;

The players have already shown that they are able to play at a high level. This is a good sign for the future of the team.
However, the team has problems with motivation. Many of the players have been playing for a long time and they have already won the Champions league. This makes them confident and ready to compete against the best.
This season, the main rivals of Manchester United are:
· Liverpool;
· Chelsea;
· Bayern.
It is clear that the team will not be able to win all the trophies in a row. The last time the Red Devils won the trophy was in the season 2000-01. This time, the club will have to do its best to win more than once.
Will Manchester United be able win the trophy?
This question is of great importance for the club. The previous season, Manchester United lost to Liverpool, which led to the resignation of Jose Mourinho. This was the last season of the legendary coach. Now, the players are confident and motivated.
There are a lot of factors that can affect the outcome of the season. For example, the Champions trophy. If the Red devils win it, they will be able not only to win another title, but also to enter the Champions club.

The last time Manchester United won the Cup was in 1990. The club has not won the tournament since. It is clear, however, that the players will not give up. They are ready to fight for the trophy.
Manchester United is a team that can win the Cup. The Red Devils have the following advantages:
1. A good selection. The squad has a lot to be proud of. The leaders are in good form and the team can be considered as one.
2. The motivation of the leaders. The fans expect the team not only not to lose points, but to win as well.
3. A great coach. Mourinho is a great coach, who knows how to motivate the players and get the maximum out of them.
4. Good teamwork. The coach has already shown in the past that he can count on his players.
If the team wins the Champions cup, it will be a great success for the players. They will be the first to congratulate their coach.
Where can the team find the motivation?
It can be noted that the Red Devil’s players are motivated not only by winning the Champions, but by the fact that they can win more trophies. This will help them to win even more trophies and enter the elite of the English football.
In the next season, Mourinho’s team will have a great opportunity to win many trophies. The current season has shown that the club can compete with the best in the English Premier league.
Main rivals of the Red team are:
1) Liverpool; 2) Chelsea; 3) Manchester United.
All of these clubs have a number and quality of players that the Manchester United can count upon. The only thing that the coach needs to do is to find the right players for each position.
What are the main advantages of the coach?
In order to understand the advantages of Mourinho, it is important to understand his coaching style. The Portuguese coach has a great attention to detail, which is evident from the fact he has a detailed coaching calendar.
Mourinho has a clear idea of what is expected of his players and what is not. This approach is very important for the success of the club, which has not been the case for a number years.
As a result, the coach has the following goals for the upcoming season:
• To win the EPL;

• To enter the European Cup zone;
3) To enter into the Champions Cup zone.
These goals are very important, because the club needs to win in order to enter into a higher league. It will be very interesting to watch the team in the upcoming matches.
How can the Red devil’s players get motivation?
This is a question that the fans and the players need to answer. The answer is simple: they need to win trophies. If they win the most prestigious club tournament in the world, they can be sure that they will have all the necessary motivation to win other tournaments.
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