Jose Mourinho to watch France vs Australia alone

Manchester United’s Portuguese coach has already started to prepare for the upcoming World Cup, which will take place in Russia in 2018. He is already watching the games of the French team, which is considered one of the main favorites of the tournament.

The French team has already won the European Championship in 2002. The next year, it won the World Cup. Now, the team is considered to be one of those who can win the gold medals again.
The team has a good lineup, which can be considered to have the potential to win the tournament again. The main stars of the team are:
1. Lille;
2. Marseille;
3. Lyon;
4. Monaco.
These clubs are considered to play in the elite division. The French team is also considered to show a good game in the international arena.
However, the main problem of the national team is its lack of motivation. This is one of reasons why the team will not be able to win gold medals.
In the next season, the French national team will have to play against the team of the USA. The Americans have a good team, too, which the French will have a hard time with.
This is another reason why the French are considered as one of favorites of this year’ tournament. However, the results of the upcoming matches will be decisive for the final result of the competition.
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Team’ s chances of winning gold medals
The main goal of the Parisians is to win a place in the next round of the World Championships. This will be possible if the team wins the next matches.
As for the French, they have already managed to achieve this. The team has been in the Champions League for a long time. In the first season, they were in the top-4. The following year, they managed to win it.
They have already won a place at the Champions Cup. The club has already qualified for the Europa League. This season, it will be interesting to see how the team performs in the domestic arena. The Parisians have a bright squad, which they can use to achieve the desired result.
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Main favorites of World Cup 2018
The next World Championship will be held in Russia. This year, the tournament will be very interesting to fans from all over the world. The tournament has become a real test for the teams from all parts of the world, because the main competitors of the Russian national team are the USA and the Netherlands.
One of the most anticipated matches of the championship is the match between the French and the USA national teams. The teams have a lot of matches ahead, but their fans can expect a tense struggle.
If the French manage to win, they will have an excellent chance of winning the gold medal. However they will need to play a good tournament. The USA team has the best lineup of all the teams. This can be used to achieve an excellent result. However the French have a number of problems.
1) Lack of motivation;
The players are tired of playing for the club. The fans of the club can see this themselves, because they have been waiting for a good result for a very long time, but it has not yet come.
2) Lack in the form of the leaders;
There is a serious problem with the leadership of the players. This has already been seen in the match against the Netherlands, when the team was not able to play at its best.
3) Inaccurate game;
This can be seen in all the matches of this season. The players are not able correctly to pass the ball. This problem can be solved, but only if the leaders of the teams are able to improve their game.
4) Unstable lineup;
It has already happened in the matches against the Dutch and the Germans.
5) Poor teamwork;
In this season, this problem is more and more obvious. The leaders are not in the best condition.
Thus, the Parisian team has an excellent opportunity to win not only gold medals, but to win all the tournaments that it participates in.
Favorites of the next tournament
The USA national team has also a good chance of taking the gold. The squad of the Americans has a lot to prove in the World League.
Among the main rivals of the US team are Brazil and England. The latter have a strong lineup, too.
Another team that can be called a contender for gold medals is Germany. The German national team can be compared with the US in terms of the number of leaders.

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