Juve SpA, in talks with Chelsea for Cuadrado.

Juve SpA, in talks with Chelsea for Cuadrado. The club is ready to sell the player, who is in the last year of his contract.
The player is the main star of the team, but he is also a good defender and a good finisher.
However, the club is not interested in buying him. The player has already played for the team for several years, and he is not ready to leave the field.
Juve has already shown interest in buying the player from Chelsea. The previous summer, the Blues bought the player for about €40 million.
This is a good price for the player. He has already scored a lot of goals for the club, and the player has a contract with the club that will end in 2020.

The club will not buy the player in the current season, because the player is not able to perform. The team needs a new star, and it is the player who can bring it.
Chelsea’s Situation
The team needs to buy a new player, because it is not the same this season. The Blues have already bought a lot, and they will not stop.
In the current campaign, the team was very strong, but it was not able not to lose points. The players are tired of this, and many of them are ready to move on.
Moreover, the players have a contract that ends in 2020, and this is a very good opportunity to leave.
Real Madrid, on the other hand, has already bought many players, and now it is ready for the transfer market.
Many experts believe that the club will buy a player for €80 million. The price is very good for Real, but the club does not want to lose the player to another club.
It is not clear if the player will be sold to another team, or if the club wants to keep him.
Will the player stay in Madrid?
The Madrid club has a very rich history, and its fans are ready for a new era. The fans are also happy with the team’ performance.
Despite the fact that the team lost points, it is still in the top 4 of La Liga. The main problem of the club this season is the lack of motivation of the players.
They want to win, but they are not able, because they do not have enough motivation.
Another problem of Real is the transfer ban. The ban is not a problem for the Madrid club, because many players have already left the team.
But the ban is a problem to the team because it affects the results of the game.
If the ban ends, the player can leave the club. The situation is not good for the players, because there is no motivation. The problem is that the players are not ready for leaving.
At the moment, the Madrid team is not in a good shape, and there is a risk that the situation will worsen.
So far, the situation of the Madrid players is not very good. The season is still far from its end, and if the team does not improve, it will not be able to compete with Barcelona.
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Main Intrigues of the Season
The main intrigue of the season is whether Real Madrid will be able not only to compete against Barcelona, but also to be a contender for the champion title.
After the previous season, the fans were not very happy with Barcelona, and Real was not in the same league.
Now, the teams are in a fight for the title, and each of them has a good chance to win.
Barcelona has a long bench, and even if the players get tired, they are able to play.
That is why the team is able to win the champion’ title. The last season, Barcelona was able to take the title only once.
There is a long season ahead, and Barcelona will have to win a lot to be able compete with Real Madrid.
Here is a list of the main intrigues of this season:
1. Good bench. The current season showed that the bench of Barcelona is very long. The Barcelona team has a lot players who can play, and these players can be substituted in the match.
2. Motivation. The Madrid team has many players who are not in their best shape. They are tired, and sometimes they do nothing.
3. Individual skills of the leaders. The leaders of Real Madrid are able not just to score goals, but to make the team win. This is another reason why the Madrid fans are happy with their team.

However the team needs motivation, and in the long tournament distance, it can not afford to lose.
Where to Find the Best Results of Football Games
The season of the Spanish championship has already ended, and so far, many teams have not been able to defend their titles.
One of the teams that has not been in a very comfortable position is Barcelona. The Catalans were not able for a long time to defend the title. The team was not very strong in the first part of the championship, and after the break, it was clear that the fans did not want them to lose their titles, so they started to play more and more.

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