Manchester United open talks for transfer of Brazil international

Manchester United have been trying to sign a new striker for a long time, but the club has not managed to find a suitable replacement for Wayne Rooney.
The Red Devils have been searching for a new star for a while, but they have not managed it so far.
However, the club is now seriously considering the transfer of a Brazilian player.
This is a player who has already scored a lot of important goals for his team.
In the summer, the Red Devils signed a number of players, but none of them was able to replace Rooney. The Portuguese striker is one of the best players in the world, but he is not able to play for the team in the Premier League.
Many people consider the transfer to be a good idea, because the player can become a good replacement for Rooney. However, the main thing is that the player will have to prove himself to the club.
It is worth noting that the transfer will not be easy, because many people believe that the club will not give him a chance.

The transfer of the player is very important for the club, because it will be able to improve its results in the domestic arena.
United is one the main contenders for the champion title, but it is not the only team that can compete with the Red devils.
One of the main rivals of the club in the fight for the title is Chelsea. The team has a lot more chances to win the title.
Chelsea has a good squad, but many of its players are not able yet to prove themselves in the English Premier League, so they are not considered as a real contender for the championship.
At the moment, the team is in the middle of the standings, but if the team continues to play well, it can be a real favorite of the championship, because Chelsea is a very strong team.
However the main problem of the team at the moment is the lack of motivation. The players are tired of playing in the Champions League, because they have already won the tournament once.
If the team manages to win at the domestic level, it will have a good chance to win gold medals at the international arena.

The new season of the English Championship promises to be very interesting, because this year the teams have a lot to play with.
There are a lot new teams that will fight for gold medals, and the main favorites of the tournament are:
* Manchester United;
* Chelsea;
* Arsenal.
All of them have a great chance to become the champion of England.
Moreover, the teams will have the opportunity to qualify for the Champions league, because in the next season the competition will be very intense.
You can always follow the development of events on the sports statistics website. Here, you will find the latest information about the matches of the teams that are fighting for the gold medals.
Main favorites of this season
The main favorites for the victory in the championship are Manchester United and Chelsea. Both teams have already played in the previous season, and they are ready to fight for it again.
Manchester united is a team that has a great potential to win in the tournament. The Red Devils are one of those teams that can win the championship with a small number of victories.
As for Chelsea, the Blues are considered as one of their main competitors. The main problem for the Blues is the fact that they have a numberless squad.
That is why the team can not show its full potential. However the main reason for the failure of the Blues in the current season is the transfer ban.
Most of the players from the team were not allowed to leave the club for a number reasons.
Therefore, the players of the Chelsea team have to play in the Europa League, which is another reason for their failure.
Now, the situation in the EPL is not very good for the teams. However there are still a lot chances that the teams can win gold, because there are a number less teams that have a chance to enter the Champions play-off round.
So, the next year will be a very interesting one, because a lot will depend on the outcome of the matches.
Live football results of the EFL Championship
The football season in England has already ended, and it has shown that the Premier league is very unpredictable.
Of course, the top 4 is the strongest, but there are always teams that fight for places in the top-4.
These teams are: Liverpool, Manchester United, Arsenal, and Chelsea, and there are not a lot left to be desired.
For Liverpool, the season was not successful, because their main goal was to get into the Champions-League. However they failed, because despite the fact they were in the group stage, they did not get into any of the groups.
Liverpool is a great team, but its main problem is the instability of the lineup. The Reds have a really bad luck, because even the best of the leaders have a bad game.
Due to this, the results of Liverpool are not very convincing, and this is another problem for this team. However it is still possible that the team will be one of top-3 in the standings.
Arsenal is another team that is considered as the main contender for getting into the top four.

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