Matteo Darmian to leave Manchester United? Signing is very likely now

Matteo Darmian to leave Manchester United? Signing is very likely now

The rumours about the transfer of Matteo D’Alessio to Juventus are already gaining momentum. The Italian player is the main candidate for the position of the main striker of the Old Signora.

The transfer of the player to Juventus has been confirmed by the club official website. The transfer of D”Alessia will be a good opportunity for the club to strengthen the position in the Serie A.
The player has already played for Juventus for several years. He became the club’s main scorer in the season of the Champions League.
It is worth noting that the transfer is a good chance for the team to strengthen its positions in the domestic championship.
However, the transfer will not be easy for the Old Man’. He has a contract with the club and the player will have to decide whether he will continue to play for the Bianco-Neri.
In this case, he will not have the opportunity to show his maximum.
Who will replace D‘Alessiao?
The signing of the striker is a very good opportunity to strengthen Juventus’ position in Serie A and to get a new star in the team. The player has a lot of qualities, which the club needs.
Among the most important are:
1. Good technique.
2. Good understanding with the players.
3. Good knowledge of the game.
4. Good leadership skills.
5. Good physical condition.
6. Good psychological stability.
7. Good experience.
8. Good motivation.
These are the main reasons why the club is interested in the transfer.
Juventus’ chances of the transfer
The club has a good transfer policy. It is obvious that the club will not miss the opportunity of getting a new striker. The team has a very high level of motivation, which is another reason for the transfer to Juventus.
For this reason, the club has already started to sign players for the positions of the leaders. The main candidate is Matteo Genduz. The club”s president recently stated that the player is ready to join the team immediately.
Genduz is a talented player, who is able to play in several positions. He is also able to score goals. The signing of Gendua will be an excellent opportunity for Juventus. It will allow the club not to miss the transfer and to strengthen their position in Italy.
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Main transfer news of the season
The season of Serie A has already come to an end. The leading clubs of the championship have already left the competition. The most interesting transfers of the last season were:
* Domenico Berardi from Sassuolo;
* Lorenzo Insigne from Atalanta;
* Marco Parolo from Sassari.
All of them were able to significantly strengthen their positions in Serie a.
Of course, the transfers of these players are not the only interesting transfers. The season has already ended, so there is still a lot to be done in the championship. The following transfers will be very important for the teams:
· signing of a new goalkeeper;
· transfers of young players.

However it is worth highlighting that the season ended quite unexpectedly for the leading clubs. The failure of the teams in the Champions’ League was not the main reason for this. The clubs’ problems were connected with the failure of their main rivals in the European cups.
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The English championship has already reached its end. There is still time for the clubs to strengthen positions and to be ready for the next season.
This season, the main transfer news were connected not only with the Champions’ League. The English championship was dominated by the failure in the English Premier League. This is another evidence that the English championship is a real struggle for the title.
At the end of the campaign, the leading teams of the Premier League were: Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool. The last season, Liverpool was the champion for the second time in a row. The Reds were able not only to win the title, but also to qualify for the Champions league.
Manchester City and Chelsea were not able to repeat this success. The teams of Manchester City were the main contenders for the champion title for several consecutive seasons. However, the Citizens failed in the Premier league. The previous season, they were the only team that did not make it to the Champions club.
Despite the fact that the team of Josep Guardiola was not able for several seasons to win in the EPL, the City’ players still managed to win gold medals in the international arena.
Moreover, the team was able to win at the domestic arena, too. The Citizens won the champion trophy in the previous season with the following score:
• Manchester City: 5:2;
• Liverpool: 4:3;
1 draw.
If the previous year, the score was 3:2, this time the team won with the score 4:0.
Now, the English Championship is very interesting for the fans. The struggle for gold medals is very intense.

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