Pep Guardiola wants to add one more player at Man City before end of the transfer window

The City manager has already managed to sign a new goalkeeper, and now he is looking for a new central defender.
Guardiola has already signed a new defender, but he is not the only one.
There are several clubs interested in the player, and the price is very high.
In the summer, the player will be able to sign another contract, and he will be paid a high salary.
However, the price of the player is very low, and this is a good opportunity for the club to sign such a player.

The new contract will be valid for one year.
It is worth noting that the new contract is a chance for the player to prove himself, and to get a new contract.
He will not be able this time to sign for a lower price.
If the player wants to leave the club, he will have to agree to a transfer.
This is a great opportunity for Guardiola to sign the player.
There is a high probability that the player would like to leave Man City, but the club has to pay a high price for it.
According to the latest information, the cost of the signing of the new player is about 100 million euros.
That is why the club will have a high chance of signing the player before the end of August.
They will have two more transfers before the transfer deadline.
All this will allow the club not to miss the opportunity to sign one of the main stars of the Premier League.
Manchester City has a good chance to sign Neymar, too.
Neymar is the most expensive player of the summer.
At the moment, the club is interested in signing the Brazilian player. The price of signing him is about 120 million euros, which is a lot for a player of Neymar’s class.
But the club can pay even more for the signing, because the player has already agreed to a new deal.
Now, the contract is valid for two years.
After that, the new deal will be automatically extended.
Therefore, the signing is possible, and it is a sign of the interest of the club in signing Neymar.
Another interesting transfer for the team is the acquisition of Riyad Mahrez.
Riyad Mahre is a player who is very popular among the fans.
Many clubs are interested in him, and they are willing to pay 100 million for him.
City is one of them.
For the club this is an excellent opportunity to get one of its stars.
Among the other clubs interested, the most popular is Liverpool.
Liverpool is one the main contenders for the champion title.
When the transfer of the star player is announced, it will be the perfect opportunity for City to get the player of their dreams.
Also, it is worth highlighting that the transfer will be done in the next transfer window, which will allow Guardiola to strengthen the team.
Thanks to the information provided by the club website, you can always follow the development of events in the world of football.
Here, you will find the latest news, as well as the schedule of upcoming matches.
You can also follow the livescore of the games, and you will not miss anything important.
Follow the development on the website of sports statistics, and be the first to know about the changes in the game.
During the transfer campaign, the main goal of the team will be to win the champion’s title. This is why they have to strengthen their defense, as it is one more important part of the game for the main club in the EPL.
Of course, it can be done only by signing a new player. However, the transfer is a real opportunity to strengthen a team, and that is why it is so important for the fans to follow the events.
We will see how the transfer works out, and whether the club manages to sign Riyad or not.
Visit the website right now to get all the information about the transfers of the EFL Championship.
Before the end the transfer period, the team can add another player to the lineup.
Such a player can be a new signing, or it can also be a loan.
As a result, the squad will be strengthened, and at the same time, the fans will be happy.
New players can be signed for the following reasons:
1. To strengthen the defense.
2. To replace a player injured in the match.
3. For the club’s development.
4. In order to save money.
5. Because of the injury of a key player. In this case, the loan is possible.
6. The player wants a new challenge.
7. It is a transfer that will allow to improve the team’s results.
8. A player who has already played for the first team. This player can become a starter.
9. Another player who can play in the center of the field.
10. An opportunity to add a new attacking player. This player will not cost the club a lot.
11. Many clubs are looking for the new attacking midfielder.
12. There is a need for a goalkeeper.
13. New players who can strengthen the attack.

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